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Guide to ranking in Google

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The steps below are written specifically for and should be followed carefully and in proper order for best results. If you need help,

Although the guide only deals with Google, the same applies to other search engines such as Yahoo!, Bing and others.

For those that knows about SEO there are more to read: this page

Step 1: Get premium (not required, but recommended)

You have not yet premium and before you start with the rest of the steps it is good if you upgrade already now, 

Step 2: Determine your web address

You now use the web address for your website. If you are not sure that this one is right for you 

You maybe want to use a real domain, such as In that case, map that domain to your site now 

Recommendations for a good web address:

  • The web address should represent your website in a good way.
  • It should be easy for others to remember and not long and complicated.
  • For companies and organizations it is often it's name that is the best web address.
  • If your website is a presentation of you as an individual then I recommend first and last name, for example or if you normally use an alias, that can also work.
  • Do not use a web address that can be easily confused with someone else. Search on  and see if there are already an established website with the same name.
  • If you include the word you want to be seen in Google with in the web address it will help a lot.
  • The use of a trademark that you do not own is not permitted by  and may even be illegal.

Step 3: Finish making your website

Before you start thinking too much if you are in Google and how you rank in the Google search results, make sure you first finish making your website.

  • Have a lot of text on the start page of your website. Preferably at least 4 paragraphs, use subheadings.
  • Make sure you can see who is behind the website and that there is a way to contact you. Please use a contact form.
  • Look through the text and fix typos and grammar errors.
  • Browse your entire site and ensure that it is of high quality and deserve to rank in Google

Steg 4: Determine the keyword / phrase

Think through which the first word or phrase you want to be seen. If your URL and the name of your website is unique and you will be able to rank on the Google without much difficulty, and if you are content with it so you can skip this step. But you may also want to rank on anything else such as the service you offer or the product you sell?


  • Search first in Google to see how competition in the search results look like. It is better to be in first place in a less popular keyword than ranking 55 at a popular keyword.
  • Combine with the name of a city. "Web design Ohio" is reasonable while only "web design" is highly competitive.

Steg 5: Optimize

There are some adjustments you can do so that Google puts you higher up in the search results.


  • Include the word you want to rank on the text on the home page of your website. Preferably several times but make sure you still have a natural language grammar and good for readers.
  • Try to get the keyword in the main heading or in a subheading on your homepage.

Link heading in Google (title of the homepage)

In  enter how you want the link to appear in Google.

Right now you have "ثبت سایت در موتور های جستجو،افزایش بازدید و پیج رنک گوگل،ثبت رایگان لینک در دایرکتور ها".

Google looks closely at the words that stands there and it weighs heavily on how the website will position itself in the search results.

I recommend that you include both your name/company name and the keyword/phrase you want to rank on.

Examples of title:

Bill Carpentry AB: Carpenter in Long Island
(Both the company name and the keywords)

Joe Wilson - The Painter in New York
(Name and something that identifies)

Free website with
(keyword "free website" combined with the brand "")

Step 6: Get links to your website

Google discover and index new sites by following links from other websites that are already included in Google. Google's calculation of how a website will rank in Google is highly depending on how many links to it and the quality of those web pages that link.

This step is probably the most important thing in this guide.

The URL to be used when people link to you is:

  1. Register your link  then you automatically get some good links.
  2. If you have a blog or another website then link from those.
  3. Submit your link to link directories.
  4. Ask friends that have a blog or website if they want to link to you.
  5. See if there are any other websites or blogs that already link to similar websites as yours and see if there is any possibility in getting a link from that page to you.

The more links you get to your website the better it will rank in Google.

Extra step 7: META Information

Go to and write your Meta Description and Meta Keywords.

Extra step 8: Register your website with Google

  1. Go to Google Webmaster Tools and register your website.
  2. Verify that you are the owner of the website by using their unique meta tag. Place that meta tag on this page as an extra meta tag for the homepage.
  3. Under the section Settings change the Geographic target.
  4. Under the section Sitemaps click on "Submit a Sitemap" and enter sitemap.xml
  5. Look on the page HTML suggestions and see if Google there makes any suggestions and in that case do those.


This guide latest updated 14 june 2010.
Copyright © Jim Westergren

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